Berwick’s winter program is held each weekend, from September to June, at the headquarters building located in West Bridgewater, MA. We also have a 6-7 week summer program that takes place on Dyer Island, off the coast of Milbridge, Maine.

The summer activities take place during the six to seven week camping season on Dyer Island. This 750 acre island, “Down East” from Bar Harbor, is owned entirely by the Berwick Boys Foundation and is an excellent location for a boy’s camp of this type. The Island has a beautiful stand of virgin timber and several natural harbors, making it very conducive to a rugged way of life at camp.

The winter program provides the boys with the opportunity to become familiar with the Berwick philosophy. It is from the competitive winter program that boys are selected to go to Maine for the summer.

The foundation’s co-founders each received extensive scholarship aid for their education to become doctors. They felt that they should, in return for this generosity, provide a similar opportunity for others.