At a Glance

We typically accept boys aged 12 – 15, but can be eligible to continue through college. Berwick accepts boys who are eager to learn, excited to participate, and willing to cooperate with their peers. The program is designed for the typical boy from any social, racial, or economic background who is interested in living and working as a team. Our staff includes an Executive Director, Camp Director, Registered Nurse and other counselors and staff at-large to ensure an 8:1 ratio.

Summer – 6-7 week residential camp
Winter – Winter program during the school year in MA

The summer camp is on Dyer Island, off the coast of Milbridge, Maine. This 750 acre island, “Down East” from Bar Harbor, is owned entirely by the Berwick Boys Foundation and is an excellent location for a boys’ camp of this type. The Island has a beautiful stand of virgin timber and several natural harbors, making it very conducive to a rugged way of life at camp.

The winter program is located at 335 West St.West Bridgewater, MA in our Headquarters Building. Winter weekends encompass a number of activities, including building a haunted house, selling of Christmas trees, first aid lessons, boating safety lessons, and preparing for the coming summer. Alternate arrangements can be made for out of state residents.

Summer:  We typically begin our summer program during the first week of July and run through the second week of August. We post exact dates close to the summer to coordinate with the changing school schedules.

Winter:  The winter program participants meet on most Saturdays, and some Sundays (during the fundraising months). The hours are 10am – 5pm. Boys are dropped off and picked up by their parents. Local boys are contacted by one of the older boys inviting them to attend a weekend session. Lunch is provided.

Berwick’s mission is to provide programs that respond to the needs of today’s youth, by offering hands on leadership and problem solving experiences that result in increased self-esteem. The Berwick program promotes the development of characteristics that will benefit these boys socially and professionally, whatever they choose to pursue in life.