Summer Clothing and Equipment List

Heavy work shoes or boots
1 pair of other shoes (sneakers)
4 pairs of jeans (or cargo pants/work pants)
Under shorts as needed (10 minimum)
T-shirts as needed (7 minimum)
Socks, minimum 12 pair
Foot Locker (or trunk) with lock/spare key
Rain Gear (jacket and pants – not poncho)
Travel Clothes (for trip day or church going)
Sweater or sweatshirt
Shorts (4 minimum)
Swim Shorts
Work gloves
2 heavy duty Laundry Bags (not mesh)
Heavy sleeping bag (or 4 blankets)
Twin and Full size fitted sheet (some beds are twin, some full)
Flashlight (with extra batteries)
Soap-Biodegradable (6 bars, or 3 Lava)
Towels (dark colors)
Tooth brush and Paste
Deodorant, etc.
Bag for Toilet Articles
Safety goggles
Life jacket
1 wool shirt
Baseball cap
Head lamp
Polo Shirts
Water shoes
Waterproof duck boots
Sandals/Water shoes

Writing Kit (include stamps)
Sporting Equipment
Non-electrical musical equip.

Misc. hand tools

Mosquito Repellent
Portable Radios w/batteries
Books, Magazines
Playing Cards
Board Game (optional)

No white articles of clothing should be taken to Maine as they are too easily soiled, except T-shirts, underwear, and socks.

No TVs, video games, or cell phones allowed on the Island. 

Firearms, slingshots, and fireworks are not permitted. Any acts or possession of the prohibited items may warrant a camper being sent home:

You may want to supplement these items as you feel appropriate.  Laundry is done about once a week for each camper. For example, we encourage you to bring an extra pair of old sneakers if you have them but it is not required.

Remember, each boy is responsible for his own gear, so you may not want to send up any clothes that you expect him to return with in good condition, if at all! Berwick tries to emphasize the importance of honesty and respect for other’s property but cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to a boy’s possessions. We recommend purchasing less costly clothing from your local thrift store as clothes may become heavily soiled or ruined during the summer.

All items should be labeled with the boy’s name, including footlockers, backpacks, etc.

Another good idea is to line the inside of these items with plastic bags so that items will not get too wet for the boat ride to the island.