Facilities – Maine

The Foundation operates its summer-long camp on Dyer Island located in Harrington, ME. Pretty much everything on the island has been built by the boys as part of their summer program in the years since its founding.  There are no public utilities on the island so we provide our own including electricity and water.

Boys live in cabins that are mostly along the waterfront, centered around our cove.  Some cabins have fireplaces or wood burning stoves.  The cabins are designed to complement the beauty of their setting, and large enough to accommodate our community of active boys and caring adults.  These cabins were built mostly in the 1950’s by campers.  There are common buildings which include the Main Lodge, the Mess Hall, The Infirmary, and the Memorial Building.

Utility structures include the piers (3), garage, powerhouse, fuel shed, toilet and shower facilities, and a marine railway.

There is also a site for cookouts on Saturday evenings.

Our shore base in Milbridge consists of a house with a parking lot and pier.